An amazing weekend at Verve.  Our actual (second) anniversary is tomorrow – March 14th – though we celebrated our anniversary on the weekend of March 4/5.  So this weekend was our last of our second year as our church. And we had …

  • 18 people get baptized! It was incredible. Our message was on baptism, and we had people make the decision based on what they heard and get baptized in like dresses and stuff.
  • That means we had 50 baptisms in our first year, and 68 in our second year.
  • 118 in 104 weeks!
  • So cool!! God is doing amazing things through Verve here in Las Vegas!
  • Looking back at these last two years, there’s so much I’m grateful for and excited about…
  • We’ve kind of adopted Dean Petersen elementary – a school in a poverty-stricken, gang-infested area of Las Vegas, and we’re doing all kind of things for the students and teachers there.
  • Most of the kind of people who come to our church are not the kind of people who go to churches, and when they start following Jesus, they REALLY start following Jesus.
  • Lots of those people are really growing because of our Verve University courses.
  • Lots of those people are reading the Bible everyday, using our Verve Bible Reading Plan.
  • Lots of those people are meeting weekly with a few friends in a Micro Group, where they’re encouraging each other and getting accountability.
  • We have so many people stepping up to volunteer and lead.
  • We’re starting a church and school in Ecuador!
  • God is great and He is doing great things here. So grateful I’ve gotten to be a part of it, and I can’t wait to see what happens next. The best is yet to come!