Designer Motorcycle Jackets

I love the show Shark Tank. Inventors and entrepreneurs go before a panel of venture capitalists and pitch their new products or businesses hoping for big investments. Recently two ladies representing GoGo Gear stood before the sharks and explained they were businesswomen who rode motorcycles to work. Discontent with the bulky and stylistically-challenged motorcycle jackets, they had started a new company producing fashionable designer motorcycle jackets.

They had the sharks’ attention. One of the sharks, Robert Herjavec, was especially interested, even putting on one of the men’s jackets. The sharks started plying them with questions: What’s the ultimate vision? Explain your strategy for growing the company? If we make an investment, how exactly will you use the money? The answers from the two ladies were … unclear, confusing, hazy. And the sharks were … disappointed. They loved the product, wanted to invest, but felt like they couldn’t. Herjavec, who had been the most enthusiastic originally, explained that he couldn’t invest in the company because to be successful “you need laser-like clarity” and that was the one thing they lacked.

The same is true of churches. To be successful you need laser-like clarity. The bad news is that for a lot of churches, that is the one thing they lack. The good news is that clarity can be attained. If you lack it, there is a process by which you can get it. And Auxano is easily the best partner in that process I know of. That’s why I recently started working with them. And if you’d like to get help in attaining laser-like clarity for your church, let us know: