Show On The Stage or Life In The Seat?

I’m a perfectionist. I never see anything as ideal or complete. Everything needs to be improved. So I see more that’s wrong about Verve than what’s right. But … here’s one thing I’m really proud of:

I think our church makes it very clear that it’s not about our church. In fact, one of the things we say regularly in our services is, “We’re not out to impress you or entertain you. This is all about Jesus and about us taking steps closer to Him and with Him. If you liked the service today, we don’t really care. If you didn’t like it, that’s fine. The question that matters is: What will you do with it?” And we end every service by shouting together, “Vivalaverve!” which means, “Live the life.”

If we get together and sing songs and learn from the Bible, and then go out and live the same old way, it was a waste. All we did was deceive ourselves. It’s not about what happens in the auditorium on Sunday morning, it’s about what happens outside it the rest of the week. It’s not about the show on the stage, it’s about the life in the seat.