That’s Guerrilla, Baby

Did you hear about Patrick Greene? He’s an atheist cab driver from San Antonio. In fact, he was so adamant that he threatened to sue a Texas country (he didn’t even live in!) for having a nativity scene on their courthouse lawn. But he’s had a change of heart. He dropped the lawsuit. In fact, he’s now chosen to move to that county.

What happened? He began losing his vision because of a detached retina. He had no health insurance and no money. And so … a church decided to help him. They’re paying for his eye surgery and for his rent.

Greene says he’s never had a Christian treat him the way these Christians are. The “Christians” he had encountered previously had refused to pay their fare in his cab because they didn’t want their money going to the “devil.” They also had refused to lease him apartments because of his disbelief in God. But they had never loved him.

“No Christian at all that we’ve ever met in our lives, had ever been nice to us,” Greene said. “No Christian has ever done anything for us. Our own families have totally forgotten our existence, and strangers — Christians and atheists all around the country — are helping us. One of the things Jesus said to was love your neighbor as yourself. These people are acting like real Christians.”

That, my friends, is what I like to call guerrilla love. And it’s the only thing that can really change the mind and heart of someone who is convinced they want nothing to do with Jesus or His followers. You can read the entire article about Patrick Green here. And you can read more about being a guerrilla lover in my book on the topic.

But the biggest thing you (and I) need to do is go out and BE guerrilla lovers. Who has God put in yoru life that you could ambush with His love? Do it.