Announcement:  Starting now the “Verve Happs” post (which typically shares a little of what’s happened in the previous week or so at Verve, and maybe looks forward a bit) will NOT be appearing on this blog, but instead will be posted (on Wednesday mornings) on the blog.

What we’re hoping is to get every Verver subscribed to the vervecatalyst blog, so you’re receiving it via email everyday.

Why? Because subscribing to the vervecatalyst blog will help you grow. We have a Bible reading plan that gives you a chapter of the Bible each day to read. On the vervecatalyst blog each day we remind you of that day’s chapter, and then provide a little bit of information and application on that chapter. We also provide questions that help you dig into that weekend’s message a little more. And occasionally there might be an announcement about an upcoming Verve event.

So if you subscribe you’ll get an email a day that will give you tools to help you grow, and you need that. And so do I! So if you’re a part of Verve, go to right now and in the right top corner you’ll see “Get Daily Posts via Email!” – enter your email address, hit subscribe, and you’ll be all set up and ready to go!