Why So Excited About Auxano?

The year was 2008. I was walking out of the Catalyst Conference in Atlanta when someone handed me a free book. I love free, and I love books, so I was happy to accept it. The book was Church Unique by Will Mancini. Never heard of it, never heard of him. Didn’t have high hopes. After all, it was free.

Wow, was I wrong. Church Unique was easily one of the best books on churches I had ever read. Maybe even better, it was probably the most needed books for pastors I had ever read. Church Unique is all about discovering your church’s unique God-given vision.

It was ironic. That same year I had been asked to lead a seminar at the Exponential Conference on a topic of my choosing. I taught “The Idiot’s Guide to Starting Idiotic Churches.” The idea was that pastors carbon copy the vision and methods of successful churches, but it’s not a vision God gave you, and they’re not methods that necessarily fit your strengths or your culture. So stop following and instead blaze your own trail. And I wanted to recommend a book, but knew of no book that taught this for churches, so I suggested a secular business book. Church Unique was the book I wished existed, and six months later I found out it did.

Yesterday I announced that I’ve just started working (part-time) with Will Mancini and Auxano Ministry. And I am psyched. Why? Because Auxano teaches churches how to have their own unique vision, and how to understand it and share it with great clarity. And that is paramount to churches becoming truly effective. For years now I’ve been telling every pastor I know to read Church Unique and to get coaching from Auxano, and now I get to be a part of it myself!

If you’d like to learn more about what Auxano can do for your ministry, or how I might be able to help you, let me know.