And How Can They Believe?

Today in the Bible reading plan we provide for Verve, our reading was Romans 10. Romans 10 is one of the chapters in the Bible that defines my personal mission in life, and in some ways, Verve’s mission.

It starts out by saying that we don’t get right with God by trying, but instead by trusting – by trusting in Jesus. People need to “call on” Jesus. Then it starts asking questions: How can people call on Jesus if they haven’t heard of Jesus? And how can hear about Jesus if someone doesn’t tell them? And how can someone tell them about Jesus if no one sends them to tell them?

When you look at the places in the world where people would say there are the highest concentrated levels of sin, what you’ll find is that those places have the lowest concentrated levels of Christians and churches. Jesus went to the dark places. Today, Christians do the opposite.

Our dream of planting Verve in the heart of “Sin City” is that it would just be the first church of many to be started in the darkest and most difficult neighborhoods in the world. Someone needs to be “sent” to tell people in those places about Jesus. And that’s what we want to do. We want to send people to Bourbon Street, the Red Light district of Amsterdam, to Ibiza, Spain, to…

Please pray today that the vision becomes reality.