Big Vault Announcements!

We had a meeting a couple weeks ago planning out some details of Vault, and we’re psyched for this October 15-17! Vault is our conference for church leaders who want to lead churches that truly reach un-churched non-Christians. Very few churches grow, and even those that do tend to grow by adding people from other churches. So how do you reach the people who are far from God but close to His heart? That’s what we talk about. That’s all we talk about.

Here are a few announcements:

  1. FREE!!  –  G.O. Ministries has generous offered to pay the registration fee for church planters and their wives (if you’ve started a church in the last few years, or will in the next few). So if you’re a church planter – you go to the conference for free! But this deal is going to expire on September 15. That means you have 5 weeks of the deal left. And they’re paying for the first 50 church planters who register – and most of those spots are already taken. So I would encourage you to register SOON!
  2. AUXANO!!  –  Auxano is doing a pre-Vault seminar on Monday morning from 9 to noon! Hearing Will Mancini teach on vision clarity has been critical for me and Verve, and it would be for you and your church. It’s $50 per person, but if you attend Vault you get $20 off, so it’s only $30!! (That means if you’re a church planter, since you get Vault for free, you can go to the Auxano seminar AND Vault for $30!) (Holy crap!). You can register for the Auxano seminar through the registration page on the Vault site.
  3. MISSIONARY  –  One of the themes we’re going to explore this year is approaching your role more like a missionary than a pastor, and how that changes everything. I’m doing a session called “The Missionary Position” –  🙂  –  in which I’m going to share the biggest game-changing revelation I had this past year. We also have Doug Lucas, the leader of an amazing missions organization speaking.
  4. ALL NEW CONTENT  –  This year we’re going to have all new content. We have a few repeat sessions planned (especially our training for church planters) but will have something else offered concurrent with those sessions.
  5. THE MEETING!!  –  On Tuesday night of Vault we’re going to have a meeting for anyone interested in hearing some of the dreams we have for offering some more help for churches who want to reach truly lost people, and for planting churches in the darkest and most difficult places in the world, and for offering church planting residencies at Verve, and more. You’ll also get to meet a church planter in Poland who Verve is getting behind. So excited about this…

Don’t miss Vault this year. You can get to hang out in Las Vegas, attend a conference that’s kind of “un-conference” – definitely not like any other conference you can go to, hear content you won’t hear anywhere else, and hopefully be inspired to move closer to Jesus’ lunatic fringe!