Verve Is Here

One thing I know about church is that it’s hard to go to one if you don’t know it exists.

And one thing I know about Las Vegas is that there is so much going on, it’s so loud, that it’s hard for people to get people’s attention.

That’s why in our first year of Verve we let Las Vegas know we were here in a few ways (doorhangers, postcards, billboard, radio ads).  Honestly, none brought in people by the hundreds, but each brought in at least a few people.

But the positive impact went way beyond just the people the marketing directly brought in.  It also created awareness about us, and it helped our people to effectively invite their friends.  (It’s easier to invite people to something they’ve heard of than to something they’ve never heard of.)

We haven’t really done any advertising campaigns in the last year, but we’re hoping to this Fall or in the early Spring of 2013.  We’ve got some cool ideas to get the word out about Verve, but advertising is not cheap.  If you’d like to help us make this happen, you can donate specifically to it by going to our donate page.  Thanks!