From Ecuador

The trip to Ecuador has been great so far.  Three days down, two to go.

We have visited the country office of Compassion International, and seen four of their projects (places where they have partnered with Stadia – starting a church and implementing all the Compassion Programs).  And the Compassion programs are amazing.  They have a Child Survival Program for kids age birth through three, and their moms, in which they visit mothers in their homes once a week for three years, teaching them the basics for their kid of nutrition, cleanliness, how to deal with illnesses, etc., etc.  It significantly cuts down on infant mortalities, sickness, etc.  Then they have the Child Sponsorship Program for kids age four to eighteen, which provides education, food, medical attention, and an introduction to Jesus.  Doing all that AND starting a church in a community has an AMAZING impact.  We’ve been seeing towns that have seriously been turned upside down because of it.

I also learned more about the project Verve is sponsoring, and met the pastor of the church we’re starting.  The pastor has an incredible story, and there’s a funny detail about our town that we had misunderstood that I need to share when I get back.  Tomorrow I’ll be visiting our town, and seeing our building – which is only a few weeks from being done, and meeting the kids Ververs are sponsoring.  Gonna be really cool!

Having fun, but can’t wait to be back in Vegas with my family, and at Verve on Sunday!