The D-Word (3)

The last two days I’ve been writing about divorce, because I have several friends who are talking about it. As I’ve written the last two days, for a Christian divorce should not be an option. Jesus said so, and Christ-followers have decided to follow Christ. And we took vows in our wedding before God. Those vows are binding. So divorce is not an option, which is actually freeing. It takes the pressure off and allows us focus on making our marriages healthy and enjoyable.

But what if a Christian makes the decision to ignore what Jesus says, to ignore what God wants, and to move forward with divorce? Can they be forgiven? Of course.

This was actually an argument someone made me with me recently. She agreed that the Bible doesn’t allow for divorce, and said she has chosen to live by the Bible, but that she would make an exception by getting a divorce, and it would be okay because God would forgive her.

That’s absurd. It may not sound absurd, because today divorce IS commonly considered an option and not that big a deal. But we can see that it’s absurd when we put in another sin. Like, “I know killing my wife isn’t allowed in the Bible, and I’ve chosen to live by the Bible, but I’m going to do it anyway, and it’s okay because God will forgive me.” So you do it? Really?! Of course not. So why apply that logic to divorce?

Yes, God would forgive you. But that doesn’t matter, you still don’t do it. It’s not an option. And I thank God it’s not an option, because it’s led me to a place where I have a great marriage that I get to enjoy every day.