Vault Is Less Than 2 Months Away!

Vault is our conference for pastors who have no interest in reaching church hoppers and church shoppers and instead want to help people who don’t like church meet Jesus and give their lives to him. I am psyched cause it’s less than two months away.

We’re gonna have some sessions targeted at church planters – how to raise money, build a launch team, develop a brand, etc. While those sessions are going on, we’ll always have another option for the non-Church planters.

We’ll also have sessions on having a missionary approach – what I call the Missionary Position.  : )  And on preaching to the unconvinced, and on the gay “issue,” and how you get the courage to do the really different something that God’s calling you to do.

It’s going to be fun, and challenging, and interactive, and could set you free to do ministry the way you’ve always wanted to, and to reach people no one else in your town is reaching. Register today!