The Gospel?

What is the gospel?  Pastors and bible scholars like to debate this question.  Is it Jesus dying so we can go to Heaven?  It is also the resurrection?  Does it also include the idea of God’s Kingdom?  Is it just about God and people, or is the earth also a part of it?

I’m not one for debating (and have no interest in debating any of you), but if you want to hear me describe the gospel, you can listen to my sermon from this past week on our webcast.  But I have to warn you, I use the movie Snow White and the Huntsman in explaining it – not an orthodox method, but I think my theology is.

And if you want to haven’t seen Snow White and the Huntsman and would like to get a feel for it, we asked our creative team at Verve to perfectly re-create a few scenes.  They said they could do it so well we wouldn’t be sure if we were watching the actual movie or their re-creation.  Here’s their attempt: