Vince Recommends…

I’m loving the band Of Monsters and Men.  Downloaded their CD “My Head Is An Animal” – for $5 on Amazon – serious shenanigans.  You may have heard their song “Little Talks” on the radio.

Check them out, they’re a folk band – kind of a cross between Mumford & Sons AND The Shins AND Bon Iver AND (almost) Lady Antebellum AND (kinda) GOTYE AND The Lumineers.

And … they’re from Iceland!  This fact made me realize that I know nothing about Iceland, so I did a little research.  Ready to learn?  Did you know Iceland has: (1) About 39,000 square miles – basically the same size as Indiana, and (2) About 320,000 people – basically the same amount as Pittsburgh.

And did you know what Iceland doesn’t have: (1) Beer was banned in Iceland for 73 years – until 1989,  (2) There are no strip clubs in Iceland,  (3) There are no McDonald’s in Iceland.

But more importantly, what they do have is Of Monsters and Men AND Bjork, and I guess that makes up for whatever Iceland is missing.