Who Knew?

There was an article in Time Magazine a couple weeks ago by Dr. Oz.  (I get confused, but I think he was the one behind the curtain pretending he had a deep booming voice.)  The subtitle of the article promised, “Fortunately, we’re learning the secrets of turning resolution into action. My guide to getting unstuck.”

So the great Oz spent the first half of the article explaining that the experts now know how people can lose weight and stay healthy. People generally know this too. The problem is that people don’t do what they know to do, or they start out and then quit. Therefore, the experts have turned their attention to how people can make the changes they need.

What’s the answer? Oz writes, “So how to get unstuck?” And the answer is: “a little spirituality.” He writes, “Throughout time, religion has been about not just worship but also life lessons, self-improvement and redemption, with earthly accountability to the community and congregation to help keep us in line.” And the experts have determined that this is what we need to experience lasting life change.

The answer is what God has been telling us through the Bible for thousands of years? Who knew!