Evangelistic DNA

I’m speaking at Indian Creek Christian Church in Indianapolois tonight, and I love the story that led to this…

About twelve years ago I was the pastor of Forefront Church in Virginia Beach. A guy was surfing one Sunday morning and, on his way home, heard a radio ad for our church. He had no church experience but was intrigued, and decided to not go home but check out the church instead. That Thursday night he came to the small group I was leading. He started to come every week, sharing stories of bar fights and girls he was trying to pick up. Soon there was a change, and belief, and Chris decided to give his life to Jesus. We started meeting every week for lunch. Chris kept growing, and decided to go into ministry, went to Bible College, did an internship at our church, and now works at … Indian Creek in Indianapolis.

It’s a huge church and they are doing a leader training tonight and asked me to speak on how to get evangelistic DNA into all of the teams in your church. Excited to share ideas on that and, obviously, to hang out with Chris.