My Limbic Brain

One of my favorite compliments about my teaching is, “You make things so simple!” I hear it a lot. People tell me, “I love your sermons because you make it so easy to understand and apply the Bible.” And, “Your book was so simple I had my ten-year-old read it. He loved it!” I guess I could view that as a put-down (“You write on a third-grade level”) but I take it as a compliment.

I want to keep things simple. I think that was part of the genius of Jesus and His teaching.

My message this past weekend at Verve was not so simple. I started out by talking about a Harvard professor, ended by talking about a Harvard professor, and in-between gave a neurology lesson. If I did it well, we Ververs now know the difference between our limbic brain and our neocortex, and why we need to learn to live from our limbic brain and beware our neocortex.

If you’re interested in listening to the message, you can do so here.