Our Vault evaluation forms have some awesome feedback.  Here are some of the comments we received on our conference last week…

  • “Your passion for and commitment to the city of Vegas and lost people is inspiring.”
  • “The music in the lobby is kinda loud.”
  • “Your staff/volunteers rock! Everyone was very kind, accomodating, and approachable.”
  • “Liked that we talked about tough issues (gays/atheists).”
  • “Good for us ADD types.”
  • “Great job! I am pumpted to go back and pour into students! Thank you for all of your hard work.”
  • “You guys doing everything at A level. Nice work, thanks for rocking it!”
  • “Normally I feel conferences are too long – never felt that way.”
  • “Your heart for the ‘why’ to reach the lost is backed by all your actions, including resourcing strangers in a foreign land.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.”
  • “Loved the PDF QR code … all my notes are now on my iPad – easy to review”
  • “You guys provide the lift that keeps me flying above the focus of traditional legalism.”
  • “It’s an annual event for us – great job.”
  • “Injecting laughter is great for breaking our walls down. You have a great team of leadership.”
  • “I’m really excited about your ministry and the movement you want to start.”
  • “Absolutely loved it, staff are great, vibe is great, content was very helpful as a new planter.”
  • “I was blown away that you offer to support us and resource us for free.”
  • “Excellent content and ideas and speakers! Thanks for bringing in real people who are doing what they are teaching.”
  • “I learned a ton. Was very affirmed and very challenged. Thank you!”
  • “Thank you for reminding me of the ‘Why’!”

Make sure you join us next year for Vault 2013!