Fanatic Discipline

Just read Jim Collins’ latest book, Great By Choice, in which he compares companies that thrived during challenging times with those who didn’t.  Loved the book, and I like to share what I learn. So here’s one of the key concepts…

Companies that thrive in difficult times exhibit fanatic discipline. There is an absolute consistency of action. They are consistent with their values, long-term goals, performance standards, methods. They have the inner will to do whatever it takes to create a great outcome, not matter how difficult. Collins writes that these companies “are utterly relentless, monomaniacal even, unbending in their focus on their quests. They don’t overreact to events, succumb to the herd, or leap for alluring – but irrelevant – opportunities. They’re capable of immense perseverance, unyielding in their standards yet disciplined enough not to overreach.”

This is something I see in some areas of my life, and that we’ve been really working on at Verve.

What about you? In your personal life, do you have fanatic discipline? What about in the organization you lead?