Have you been following the story of Jill and Scott Kelley? They were known as a charming couple who hosted elegant parties for Tampa Bay’s social and military elite at their $1.5 million home in Tampa’s most fashionable neighborhood.

At the same time … they have been sued at least nine times for millions. They purchased a $2.1 million office building, and it ended in disclosure. They defaulted on a $250,000 line of credit. They owe thousands on their credit cards. They’ve been sued by Chase Bank, FIA Card Services, Visa Signature and Regions Bank. It seems like more sordid details are coming out daily.

Do you know what that makes them? People who wear masks. And that is, obviously, not exclusive to the Kelley’s. We all have ways we wear masks. And you know what that is? Dangerous. Having problems isn’t the problem, hiding them is. Problems fester in the darkness. We live in fear of being found out. We never feel loved or respected because, well, people don’t know me, they just know the mask.

If you’re wearing a mask, take it off. Get real with God and with some trusted friends. It will be fear inducing, but ultimately it will be freeing. It’s the only way you’ll ever be free.