Verve Staff

One of my favorite things about working at Verve are the people I get to work with. I have an awesome Management Team (a few all-star guy from around the country who advice me) and they were in town a few weeks ago and the thing they all said to me was, “You have an amazing staff.”

I know lots of church staffs are good, but I think Verve’s is kinda extra special. Like, for one, they all raise their salary to be here. We’re talking about super sharp people who could work somewhere else, get paid a great salary, but instead have chosen to work at a church where they barely get paid and have to raise their own salary. It’s hard to find that kind of passion, but you find it in every one on the Verve staff. As a group we’ve made the decision to do church in a really difficult way because we want to reach people in Las Vegas who even the good churches couldn’t reach. It’s hard to find that kind of sacrifice, but you find it in every one on the Verve staff.

Today we’re doing our staff retreat, and I’m excited to hang out and pray and strategize and try to figure out what God has in store for Verve in 2013. I’m honored to get to work with who I work with.

And if you’re someone who financially supports anyone on the Verve staff – thank you. And if you don’t, but would like to, let me know.