A Love He’s Never Been Loved With Before

I recently read Mother Teresa: Come Be My Light. Unusual reading for me, but I was curious about her life. And it’s a fascinating book.

One of the impressive things about Mother Teresa is how absolutely God centered she was. Everything was about Jesus. The book is filled with journal entries and (mostly) letters Mother Teresa wrote and she could barely put a sentence on paper without mentioning Jesus.

The prayer she prayed repeatedly was, “Pray that I may love God with a love with which He has never been loved before – what a foolish desire.” (175).

I guess right now my prayer is that that would become my prayer. That I would get to a place where the most natural prayer coming from my lips would be, “God, I want to love you with a love you’ve never been loved with before.”

Could you pray that for me? And, while you’re at it, you may want to pray it for you.