What’s In Our Hearts

Okay, I promise, this is the last time I’ll tell you that you need to buy John Burke’s new book, Mud and The Masterpiece. Sorry, but you need to read it!

What’s so great about all of John’s books are his seemingly unending stories of people who were loved to Jesus and had their lives radically changed in his church. But in addition to the stories, John is brilliant guy who says things we all need to hear. For instance, love this quote from the new book:

“I’m convinced that people intuitively pick up on our attitude toward them. What’s in our hearts toward people will be felt by them. Do we have good will toward all people? Are we for people, or really against some of them? Do we truly believe they have immense value and worth to God? Or
are we secretly disgusted, bothered, shocked, judgmental, wanting to “fix them” quickly? I’ve come to believe that many Christians repel those who don’t follow Christ because we don’t share God’s heart for them.”