People Are Saying Stuff

Thought I’d share some of the endorsements for my new book, Renegade: Your Faith Isn’t Meant To Be Safe. Here’s a couple:

  • “Vince Antonucci will make you laugh out loud, tug at your heart with inspiring real-life stories, and challenge you to live a daring adventure with God” (Mark Batterson)
  • “If you are tired of a mediocre faith, Renegade will inspire you to all-in, fully surrendered, self-sacrificing faith journey with Christ” (Craig Groeschel)
  • “Vince Antonucci’s writing always challenges me while making me laugh. In Renegade, he pushes all of us to live with radical faith in a radical God. Vince does more than write this story, he lives it and gives us a compelling picture for what the life of faith looks like” (Jud Wilhite)
  • “If you are tired of a play-it-safe, go through the motions faith, then Renegade is exactly what you need. Authored by a guy who is a serial risk-taker, this book will have you laughing while at the same time discovering that faith was always meant to be a daring adventure! Renegade is a book for all of us who want a faith that is more than knowing what Jesus would do, but rather doing what he would do!” (Dave Ferguson)
  • “The message of Renegade will teach you, entertain you, inspire you, challenge you, and convict you.  …  My prayer is that this book starts a movement of renegades who turn the world upside down” (Kyle Idleman)

Could you help me out by giving me an endorsement of your own? There are two ways you can “endorse” this book:

  • Let your friends know about it by putting it on your Facebook Page with a link to the Amazon page.
  • After you read it, put a review on the Amazon page. The more positive reviews on Amazon, the more Amazon will push it, which will help people know about it.

Thank you!