Resurrection Evidence

I have been teaching on the evidence for Jesus’ resurrection for years. Our core class at Verve is called “Verge” and in it, we take about 45 minutes to present evidence for Jesus’ resurrection. So when we decided to do a “Verdict” series this year, and to present evidence for Jesus’ resurrection on Easter, it was a bit of problem for me. I didn’t want it to be the same thing I teach in our class, which so many of our people have taken.

So I did some research and, wow, there is SO much evidence for the resurrection that I was able to write an entire sermon of evidence without using the evidence I use in my class. And it was actually difficult to decide which evidence to use in the sermon, and which not to use. There was too much. And much of it was so technical it would be difficult to explain in that short amount of time.

How cool is all that?!

If you know me, you know that I’ve always been very confident about why I believe (it’s actually how I came to faith in the first place) but I am more confident today than I’ve ever been. For a completely skeptical, cynical person like me, that’s kind of a miracle in itself, and since I could never have a blind faith, I am so thankful God gave us so many reasons to believe.