Unclear Vision

Recently read Chris Hodge’s book, Fresh Air. In it he writes:

Our team at Church of the Highlands set a goal to help one thousand churches that had fewer than one thousand people in attendance break that barrier. After working with hundreds of churches over the past few years, we noticed one common problem resurfacing over and over again: the vision of the church was unclear. They had a vision statement, but most church leaders didn’t really know what they were trying to accomplish. They didn’t have a measurable win. And the ones who did were still putting a lot of energy into events and programs that did not contribute to their purpose. What they needed was focus. And most saw immediate momentum restored to their ministry as soon as they put every idea, program, and budget request through the filter of their purpose.

I think Chris is spot on, and this is why I jumped at the opportunity a year ago to work with Will Mancini and Auxano. Auxano is all about helping churches to develop vision clarity so they can develop momentum that will allow them to overcome growth barriers. And if your church needs that vision clarity, let me know!