Quitting Smoking, Or Doing Life

I recently heard that of people who want to quit smoking…

  • About 0% are successful if they have no “tool” to use and no one to support them.
  • About 5% are successful if they a tool to use but no one to support them.
  • About 40% are successful if they have a tool to use and a friend to support them.

Last weekend at Verve we talked about our need for friends, about how God said that it’s not good for man to be alone. Life is just too difficult to do it by ourselves. It’s not just quitting smoking. It’s quitting anything we need to stop doing, or starting anything we need to begin doing. It’s saying no to temptation, and yes to opportunity, and being a good husband or a good mom, and pretty much everything else.

So … what friendships do you have that are intimate enough for you to be vulnerable so you can get the help you need? If you’re like most people, you’ve got none of those. If you’re different and do, let your friend know how much you appreciate them. If you’re the same and you don’t, do something about it.