Vault Midwest!

Vault Midwest is THIS Wednsday, 9 am to 5 pm, at The Journey in Muskegon, Michigan, and if you’re in the Midwest, YOU SHOULD COME!  I mean, seriously, it’s only $49, and it will be WAY more than worth it.

It’s going to be ONE INTENSE DAY of thinking through how to reach people who are truly far from God.

So let me change what I said:

  • If you’re content with your church not growing, you should not come.
  • If you’re content with your church growing through “transfer” growth, you should not come.
  • If you just want to grow your church through reaching the people who are easiest to reach (people who maybe aren’t going to church now, but know they should and are planning to, and just need to have someone invite them once and they’ll be there), you should not come.

But IF you are serious about joining Jesus on His mission of “I have come to seek and save the lost,” and being the church in your community that people who don’t like church and aren’t so sure about God will come to, and you live within a 4 hour drive of Muskegon (I’m looking at you Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio and southern Wisconsin) – then you DEFINITELY should come.

You can register HERE, and I’ll see you Wednesday!