I’m Taking My Talents To…


Ladies and gentlemen, an announcement: I’m taking my talents to… Twitter.

For years people have been pushing me to do Twitter. In fact, I’ve had a few people (like my publisher) basically beg me to go to Twitter. I’ve said no. Dozens of times.


Mostly because I have real concerns about the narcissistic culture we live in, and the rock star status we can give to pastors today. I felt like Twitter can be an easy vehicle for pride, and I don’t want to take that ride.

So why am I going to Twitter?

A couple reasons. First, because of intent. I realized that Twitter doesn’t have to be all about “look at me,” “look at who I’m with,” “look at what restaurant I’m eating at,” and a lot of people use it to promote Jesus and the causes they believe in that are associated with Him. This was a message Will Mancini told me repeatedly: “You need to do Twitter. Stop worrying about being too self-promotional. You wouldn’t do it to promote yourself, but to promote what you believe in.”

Second, because of pride. For years I’ve refused to do Twitter because I didn’t want to seem proud, or have an issue with pride. One day I was talking to Chad Allen, who works for my publisher, and he was urging me, again, to join the Twitter revolution. He said, “I know you take a lot of pride in not doing Twitter, but Vince you really …” And it hit me. For me, not doing Twitter had become a source of pride. In fact, it would actually be less prideful to Tweet, then to not Tweet. (That almost came off Shakespearean.)

Third, because of time. I’ve been doing this blog for … I have no idea … maybe ten years. And it’s a cool way to share with people who care what I have to say, and to update people on what’s happening with my ministry. But it’s also time consuming, and it’s become increasingly difficult to do a good job with it. So I’m excited about the succinctness Twitter will force me into. I expect I’ll be able to share a lot more, and have it take a lot less time.

So, starting at approximately now, I am taking my talents to Twitter.

I will still post on this blog, probably about as often as I have been lately – which is only a couple times a week. We’ll still post the sermon from Verve on Wednesdays, for those of you who are faithfully supporting what we’re doing here and want to keep up with us. But if you want more from Vince, in 140 characters or less, follow me:  @vinceantonucci