MLB Parks


Before I die, I’d love to go to a game at every major league baseball park. (Even cooler if I could see a game at each with my son.) Here are the teams I’ve seen play in their home stadiums so far:

  1. New York Yankees – the old stadium. Haven’t been to the new one.
  2. New York Mets – Shea Stadium. Have not been to the new Citi Field yet.
  3. Cleveland Indians – Municipal – now gone, haven’t been to the new stadium.
  4. Washington Nationals – old stadium, have not been to their new stadium.
  5. Pittsburgh Pirates – old stadium, have not been to their new stadium.
  6. Toronto Blue Jays – Exhibition Stadium (now gone) AND the Skydome.
  7. Baltimore Orioles – Memorial Stadium (now gone) AND Camden Yards
  8. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (who are still the California Angels to me)
  9. Los Angeles Dodgers
  10. San Diego Padres
  11. Arizona Diamondbacks
  12. Philadelphia Phillies
  13. Atlanta Braves
  14. St. Louis Cardinals
  15. Chicago Cubs
  16. Chicago White Sox

Favorite stadium:  Dodgers, of course!  But Camden Yards is probably my second.

Stadium I most want to go to:  Fenway.

Thing I’m sick of: Teams building new stadiums and bringing me backwards in my quest to visit all the stadiums!