Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives


When we travel we’ll often see if Guy Fieri has featured a restaurant in the town we’ll be visiting on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. Here are (I think all?) the Triple D restaurants we’ve been to so far:

  • Naked City Pizza, Las Vegas
  • Four Kegs, Las Vegas
  • Bachi Burger, Las Vegas
  • Crepe Expectations, Las Vegas
  • Otto’s Sausage Kitchen & Meat Market, Portland
  • Hob Nob Hill, San Diego
  • Pizzeria Luigi, San Diego
  • Pat’s BBQ, Salt Lake City
  • Doumars, Norfolk
  • Burgers & More, Truckee CA
  • Weeping Radish Farm Brewery, Grandy NC
  • Foolish Craig’s Cafe, Denver
  • Parkette Drive-In, Lexington
  • Smokey Valley Truck Stop, Olive Hill, Kentucky
  • Rainbow Drive-In, Honolulu
  • The Outrigger Pizza Company, Maui

Lots more to go to.

Of those, I wouldn’t highly recommend all of them. If you’re in San Diego, Pizzeria Luigi has some killer pizza. If you’re in Truckee, what are you doing in Truckee?! But get a hamburger and onion rings at Burgers & More. If you’re in Vegas, come hang out with me – and we’ll go get pizza and wings at Naked City Pizza.