Need A Kick In The Butt?

I am SO pumped about this year’s Vault.  In addition to sharing what we’re learning at Verve about reaching truly lost people we have a ridiculous lineup of speakers:

  • Jud Wilhite:  Pastor of Central Christian in Henderson, NV, and author of a bunch of great books like Pursued. He’s been a featured speaker at all kinds of conferences, including Catalyst.
  • John Burke:  Pastor of Gateway Church in Austin, TX and author of a bunch of great books like No Perfect People Allowed. He’s been a featured speaker at all kinds of conferences including the Leadership Summit and Exponential.
  • Mike Rayburn:  Mike is one of the most sought after speakers in the world. He speaks regularly to business like Wells-Fargo and American Express, and is the youngest person to ever be inducted into the CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame. Mike has headlined Carnegie Hall eight times, featuring his amazing guitar ability and hysterical comedy. He will be entertaining us with those skills, and challenging us to think, “What If?”
  • Greg Rohlinger:  Pastor of Palm Valley Church in the Phoenix area, and a featured speaker at the C3 Conference. Greg has an incurable terminal disease, and will share what he’s learning through his struggle in an unforgettable and inspiring talk.


We will also have a pre-conference intensive on the spiritual and emotional health of pastors. Todd Clark and Kevin Odor will do sessions in that pre-conference, as will PastorServe. And PastorServe will be at the entire Vault Conference, available for counseling for anyone who needs to talk.

What I know is that every church needs a regular kick in the butt to focus on non-Christians because it is SO easy to focus on the people we have and the people who are easiest to reach (people who are already Christians).  So come to Vault, and bring some of your leaders, you will be kicked in the butt, in the best of ways.

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