Best. Habit. Ever.

At Verve we believe that it’s our responsibility to equip people to live with and for God. One of the best habits a person can have to live with and for God is reading the Bible daily. It helps you to know God and the life He has for you.

To equip people to do that we created a great Bible reading plan which takes people through all of the New Testament every year, and part of the Old Testament each year. (About every five years you’ll read the New Testament five times and all of the Old Testament once.)

If you’re not currently in the habit of reading the Bible everyday, can I encourage you to start, and to consider using our plan. And not only do we have a plan, we have a blog where everyday we put up a post with some background information on the chapter for that day, some key principles from the chapter, and a couple of questions that will challenge you to actually apply what you read.

And today is a great day to start with our plan, as today we start the book of John.

So want to start (or reengage) the best habit ever? Go to, enter your email address into the “subscribe” box on the right, and start to receive an email each morning with your reading for that day and the post to help you with it.