The News

Verve is going to be on the news this Sunday!  We were contacted by the local CBS station (channel 8 in Las Vegas) that they’ve heard some (positive) buzz about us, and have checked us out a bit, and want to come to our early service this Sunday to film the service and interview me, and then feature us as “the church for people who don’t like church” on their evening news.

Who knows what will come of this, and who knows who watches the news anymore, but it will be our first ever big awareness deal.  So I’m hoping that it gets us known more in Vegas, so Jesus can be known more in Vegas.  I’m also hoping that our people use it with the people they’ve been inviting to come, so it might help those people to actually show up sometime soon.

Would you please join me in praying for all that?

Thanks so much, and vivalaverve!