Inspiring T.V. Moments

I am a fan of reality shows.  I don’t watch all of them, but I watch more than a few.  A waste of time?  Maybe.  But every once in a while there’s an inspiring moment that redeems any time not well spent.  Here are three of my favorite inspiring moments…

Number Three:  Johnny, the inventor of the “Tree T-pee” goes on Shark Tank to get a financial partner.  He is a humble farmer who stumbles through his pitch, and can’t understand why he should make more than a dollar off of the sale of each tree t-pees because, after all, he is selling them to farmers.  After getting a deal he gives tribute to his father.  You can watch it all here.

Number Two:  Lance Nitahara, a Christian chef at a Christian retreat center, is declared the Chopped champion.  He wins $10,000.  The runner-up, a woman who had explained that her grandmother who raised her is dying in France and hoped to win so she could afford to visit her, starts walking away.  Lance asks her to stop, and then gives her all his winnings so she can see her grandma.  I cried.  You can watch it happen here.

Number One: 20-year-old Colton Dixon gets voted out in American Idol. He gets to “sing us out” and proceeds to sing “Everything” by Lifehouse, on his knees, adding “Jesus” to the chorus, “Jesus, you’re all I want, You’re all I need, You’re everything, everything.” A 20-year-old grabbing that opportunity to worship God and show the world his faith? Amazing. He might have lost on American Idol that night, but he showed himself a winner. You can watch his winning moment here.