Weekend Learnings From Two of the Best

Two great things I learned this weekend from two of the best at what they do. Actually, I didn’t learn them, but re-learned them and had them confirmed.

Bill Belichick, in an interview with Bill Cowher, said that the most important lesson he learned in his NFL career happened when he was head coach of the Browns, competing against the Steelers. From watching the Steelers he learned that he needed to make sure the best players on his team were also the best people. Why? Because people look up to the best players. They will be the natural leaders. And if they’re not the best people, you’re in trouble.  — Brilliant insight. Totally applies to church. Are the people in leadership positions in your church also the best people in your church?

Spike Jonze, in his interview with Joel Stein in Time Magazine talked about putting together his new movie “Her.” Editing is so painful for Jonze he sent a long version of the movie to Steven Soderbergh, who sent him back a 90-minute version. Earlier in the process he talked through the entire story with David O. Russell. He also got input from David Fincher, Charlie Kaufman, and Miranda July. As a pastor who has someone read every sermon I preach before I preach it, to get feedback to try to make it better than I can on my own, this was encouraging and confirming. How do you get input from others to make sure your “product”, whatever it is, is the very best it can be?