How Do You Do It?

When pastors discover that Verve reaches atheists and pimps and prostitutes and gang members and … well, you name it, the question we always get is, “How do you do it?” And the answer we tend to give is, “We do a million things right.” Meaning, there’s not a silver bullet. There’s not one thing that if your church changed, you’d start reaching the people you want to reach. No, there are a bunch of little things we work hard to very strategically make sure we get right.

One of them, and honestly it’s one of the big ones, is preaching. When I go to other churches (or listen to podcasts of preaching) I often hear great sermons, but sermons that would make unchurched non-Christians cringe, and would make them not come back.

It’s not the Bible. It’s how they preach — word choice, tone, assumptions — a ton of little things they get wrong.

And that’s why I just released two FREE eBooks on preaching that reaches the unconvinced. If you’re a pastor who wants to truly engage in Jesus’ mission, these two resources will really help you. Download them from Exponential’s Seek+Save series today for free.