Two New eBooks

Very excited that I have 2 new eBooks releasing today, and they are both FREE!

One is Preaching To The Unconvinced. If your church wants to not only teach Christians, but also reach non-Christians, this book will help you give you insights on how you can do both through your sermons. It’s very practical, and has all kinds of application to various forms of evangelism other than preaching.

The second is a companion piece, Sermons For The Unconvinced. One of my frustrations when I read ministry-related books is that they’re often full of great principles, but I want to see those principles played out in real life. I want to know how the church does what they’re teaching. Seeing how they do it helps me to see how I can. So when we decided to do Preaching To The Unconvinced we realized that the perfect companion would be a book with some annotated sermons. So this book has manuscripts of sermons I’ve actually preached, that have proven effective in reaching the unconvinced. And each sermon has tons of footnotes in which I explain the why behind what I’m doing. I show the thinking behind the preaching, the principles I’m employing. I think it will be really helpful for people who are serious about connecting people to God who aren’t currently connected to Him.

The cool thing about these eBooks is that they’re easy to read and, again, free! So you have nothing to lose! Download them today!

I also want to say thank you to my awesome sponsors who made releasing these eBooks for free possible, and whom I totally believe in: