Vault 2014 Recap

Vault 2014 ended yesterday.

We do Vault for church leaders who are all about Jesus’ mission of seeking and saving the lost, of making disciples out of people who don’t currently believe. There are lots of great church conferences, but I don’t know of another with a laser focus on the mission of Jesus.

I thought Vault this year was great and, more importantly, the people who attended loved it. We always do a survey and the feedback this year was off the hook. In fact, every year we go into Vault not sure if we’ll do it again, but after hearing back from people who came to Vegas for it this year, we’ve got to.

Highlights for me of this year’s Vault include

  • Q&A session with Jud Wilhite. Such great insights. Love having Jud each year!
  • A session I did called “Say Yes To The Mess” about our need to walk with people through their messiness, and the six questions that should guide us as we do that.
  • Jodi Hickerson’s session. Wow. The gospel is for everyone. I SO want to go check out their church in Ventura!!
  • Gene Appel’s session on leading with a broken heart. Gene is so the real deal. What an honor to have him join us at Vault.

If you missed it, well, you missed it.  But don’t make that mistake again. Mark your calendars, Vault 2015 will happen October 19-21.