Have A Story To Share?

I am working on a project that will focus on how God can help us move past our past. I would love to share some stories of people who experienced healing and found wholeness through God’s help. Do you have a story you’d be willing to share with me, and potentially with the world? If so, I’m wondering:

  • Where were you stuck? (You had an addiction? You couldn’t forgive? You couldn’t start something?)
  • What was it that led you to get unstuck? (You learned to rely on God? You began to understand your true identity? Your ability to connect with God through prayer increased? The accountability of a spiritual support group helped you? Confession was your path to healing?)
  • How has your life changed as a result? (You now have peace? Your marriage was saved? You’ve been clean and sober longer than you ever dared imagine? You’re no longer homeless?)

If you have a story, and are willing to share it, please type it out (please don’t be too vague, details are great) and email it to: vince@vivalaverve.org.