God For The Rest Of Us SERIES!

I have a new book coming out next month, God For The Rest Of Us. It’s based on a series we did at our church. During the series, our attendance grew by 40% (!!) and we saw a bunch of people who were far from God put their faith in Christ.

City On A Hill (the group who made the Not A Fan series) put together awesome resources for a God For The Rest Of Us church video series. It could be a small group series, or an all-church campaign. All the resources are now available.

I think the most powerful way to do it is an all-church campaign (sermon series and small groups) and have your people read the book. If you’d like to do that, as of August 4th you’ll be able to buy cases of the God For The Rest Of Us book at tyndaledirect.com.  The bulk discounts are listed below.

If you decide to do the series, let me know when you’ll be doing it. I’d love to pray for your church, and for the unchurched in your area, while you’re doing the series!