People occasionally ask me how they can become a pastor or a church planter.  And people ask me all the time how they can become an author.  (I’m pretty sure everyone wants to write a book.)

I heard an interview with Jon Foreman, the singer of Switchfoot, who said that he writes a song … everyday.  He sets aside 90 minutes before he goes to sleep each night to write a full song.  Verse, Chorus, Verse, Bridge – a whole song everyday.  He said if you want to be a songwriter, that’s what you do.  A lot of the songs won’t be good, but that’s how you get better.

So how do you become a pastor?  Right now, start being one, everyday.  Invest in people, share Jesus, write sermons or classes (even if you may never actually teach them).  How do you become an author?  You write, everyday.  It may suck, and it may never be seen by anyone, but you’ll get better through the process, and someday you may actually become your dream.  But someday starts with everyday.