I was out-of-town this weekend.  A church outside of Cincinnati did the message series that goes along with my book, I Became a Christian and All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt and asked me to come do the last message in the series. It’s been really cool to see the impact that book and the series has had in so many churches.

That church is also going to be doing a mission trip to Verve next year, and thought it would inspire more people to sign-up if they could meet me first. I’m so grateful for all the churches that have supported us and have sent mission teams. If your church is looking for a great way for some people to get outside their comfort zone and to serve and make a difference in Sin City, in a way that will help them to see how they can serve more and make more of a difference in your town – contact us about doing a mission trip to Verve!

I heard Jake did an amazing job starting our Monster/Monster series, and we had a great little Halloween carnival in our lobby. Sorry I missed it! I’m excited to be back at Verve this week – talking about Dracula.