Alien LIke

I fly kind of a lot. In our first year in Vegas I flew out of the airport 23 times, and in a typical year will fly once or twice a month to somewhere I’m speaking.  However, until a few months ago, I had never flown somewhere and back in the same day.

It is a bizarre experience.

It feels like you’re naked.  Something about going into an airport and walking to your plane without a suitcase gives you this constant sensation that you’re missing something.  I couldn’t stop thinking, “Wait, what did I forget? What am I missing?”

It feels like you’re an alien, or maybe a time traveler.  It’s hard to explain, but there’s something about flying out of your city, going to a different city, doing something in that city, and then coming back to your city in the same day that is weird. The first time I did it I flew back into town around 1 p.m. There was still most of the day left. And there was this odd feeling of, “You people have no idea where I’ve been. I have seen things you can’t imagine. There are other worlds out there that you’ve yet to experience…”