EXCITING stuff at Verve:

  1. Our brand new totally re-done website went up yesterday. The new site has a new look, some new pages, the ability to order Verve shirts or apply for a Verve internship, even a new smell if you have a scratch and sniff computer.
  2. Even more exciting:  Our 2012 Bible reading plan went into effect on January 1st. And you can now subscribe to the blog. That means everyday you’ll have the Bible chapter to read emailed to you, along with the post giving you some information on that chapter. Subscribe right now!
  3. And most exciting:  This weekend we announced that we are building a school and a church in Monte Olivo, Ecuador! We are partnering with three other churches – in Cleveland, Long Island, and Kansas City – to do this. AND we are partnering with Compassion International. Once the school and church are ready – around August – we are going to be able to sponsor kids in the town for $38 each, which will give them food everyday, an education, vacinations, and the opportunity to go to church and meet Jesus. AND we will do mission trips to Ecuador, where we’ll be able to serve as well as meet the kids we’ve been sponsoring. Amazing! What an honor! God’s got an adventure in store for us!
  4. To do this, we need to raise $25,000 by the end of June. That’s a GULP!, but God is going to do it. I’m psyched to see Ververs step up to make this happen. Maybe you have some savings you can give. Or you can give part of your tax return. Or you find a way to give $10 a week above what you normally give (which would add up to $250 by the end of June). My family has committed to give $1,000 (above our normal giving). That’s going to require major sacrifice, but it will be totally worth it! So how can you give towards this?
  5. To give, write a check to Verve with “Ecuador” in the memo line, or you can make a donation online and designate your gift to Ecuador.
  6. We are doing a Mike Rayburn Comedy Concert as a fundraiser on January 27. Tickets for Mike’s shows are usually like $100ish – we’re going to charge $10, and every penny will be going towards the project in Ecuador. So come to the concert, and buy a couple extra tickets to give to your friends who don’t come to Verve! Tickets go on sale this Sunday/Monday!
  7. Later today I think I’m going to have a video of the message (which includes the Ecuador announcement) here on the blog. If you’re a Verver who wasn’t able to come this weekend, make sure you watch the video and learn why we are a Risk Taking Tribe, and more about what we’re doing in Ecuador.
  8. Rock and roll people. And vivalaverve.


  1. YoRichie on January 3, 2012 at 8:31 pm

    Cool Stuff! Rock on bruddah!