Stadium Updates

I LOVE baseball. Spring Training is just about to start, and I’m psyched. So I used to have a life goal that I would see a game in every major league stadium. It seemed doable. I saw home games for the Blue Jays, Indians, Orioles, Pirates, and Yankees. And then the Blue Jays, Indians, Orioles, Pirates and Yankees destroyed their stadiums for newer one’s. I had to put those teams back on my “to attend” list.

I went to a Mets game at Shea Stadium in 1976. This week I watched the 2010 documentary The Last Play at Shea. It tells the story of Shea Stadium, which was the home of the New York Mets. The movie features a Beatles concert in the stadium in 1964, and centers on the Billy Joel show that was its last concert before the stadium was demolished in 2009. Pretty interesting.

And I know that most people would call newer, cooler stadiums “progress”. But I call it sad. And I’ve changed my life goal. Now it’s to see a home game for each major league team, regardless of stadium. So the Blue Jays, Indians, Orioles, Pirates, Yankees and Mets are back on my “done” list.