Recently, I read a brilliant blog post by a genius 🙂 about the importance of teamwork and team-unity, and how it’s far more important than talent.

Yesterday Mike D’Antonio, coach of the New York Knicks resigned (or was he really fired?) (I bet he was really fired). Why? Because that blog post was right.

About a month ago Carmelo Anthony, one of the most talented players in the NBA and a member of the Knicks, was injured. Without their star player, the Knicks were forced to start an unused guy from the end of their bench: Jeremy Lin. At that point their record was 18-24. What happened with the less talented Lin? They went 8-1. Then Carmelo Anthony came back and what happened? The Knicks went 2-8, and bye-bye-bye D’Antonio.

Which version of the Knicks was more talented? Definitely the team WITH Carmelo. But with him they are 20-32 for the season, without 8-1. Why? Because team-work and team-unity trump talent, and Carmelo is not a team player. (Don’t tell him I said so.)

So how does this apply to your team, the staff or your church or business? Is there a talented team member who isn’t into teamwork and team unity? Maybe you need to get rid of him/her, so that you don’t get D’Antonio-ed. (I just made up that word. I’m copyrighting that one.) I once kept on a talented guy who wasn’t a team-player and we suffered for it. So don’t make the same mistake. (Or, I could say, “Don’t pull an Antonucci.”) (I’m not gonna copyright that, so feel free to use it.)