I love the culture we’ve created at Verve. And by that, I’m not referring to the goofy videos and rocking music. I like that too, but that’s not what I mean.

In the last week I received an email from a Verver who is going back and asking forgiveness of all the people he’s hurt. He was seeking advice on whether he should apologize to a certain person or if it could potentially be harmful to that person. I also met with a guy who confessed all his life’s sins, that he might put them behind and be healed.

I don’t know if these kinds of things happen in other churches, but it’s pretty normal here. We have an intense culture. Like we repeatedly say in our services, “We’re not trying to impress you, we don’t care if you enjoyed the service, we only care if it changes your life.” We call people to give everything for the One who gave His entire life for us.

I guess it’s kind of intense. Probably too intense for some. Maybe just too intense period. But … I’d rather have it be too intense than not intense enough.