Best College Sports Program Ever

A week or two ago my son asked me a question, “Dad, what college has the best sports program ever, for basketball and football?” I started talking about Florida and Ohio State, and then he stressed, “Not just now, ever.” I thought that was a great question, so I looked up the answer on the internet. But there was no answer on the internet. I couldn’t find anyone who’s made that list. And I have a personality disorder where every question needs an answer. So, unfortunately, I had to try and answer it. Did a little research (in all my free time) and came up with my list of the best college sports (basketball + football) programs ever. Not happy with the list – I hate 3 of the top 4 schools. But I think this list is pretty solid. What do you think? And why?

Here’s the list:

  1. Ohio State
  2. Michigan
  3. UCLA
  4. Notre Dame
  5. Oklahoma
  6. U.S.C.
  7. Michigan State
  8. Iowa
  9. Tennessee
  10. Alabama
  11. Syracuse
  12. Texas 
  13. Florida
  14. North Carolina
  15. Duke
  16. Minnesota
  17. Illinois
  18. Purdue
  19. Arkansas
  20. Washington
  21. Kentucky
  22. Louisville
  23. Kansas
  24. Louisiana State
  25. Nebraska
  26. Wisconsin
  27. BYU
  28. Maryland
  29. Utah
  30. Missouri
  31. West Virginia
  32. Colorado
  33. Florida State
  34. Georgia Tech
  35. Auburn
  36. Arizona
  37. Pittsburgh
  38. Cincinnatti
  39. Stanford
  40. Oklahoma State
  41. Penn State
  42. Georgia
  43. Kansas State
  44. Clemson 
  45. California