An email was in my inbox, the likes of which I had never received. It was an invitation to a reception for a church, that was having its last service. The church is opening, and then shutting its doors, for the last time.

What do you think about that?

Thousands and thousands of churches die every year, and it seems like everyone has a really negative reaction. “That should never happen. What a shame!”

I’ve never gotten that. The Bible tells us that the church is a living organism. Living organisms are born, grow, grow old, and die. Why should churches be different?

And that doesn’t say anything about that church. It’s served its purpose. If it was still serving its purpose, dying wouldn’t be a consideration. It’s time has come.

Actually, that’s my question. Has its time come? Or was its time a long time ago? But because we’re all so negative about churches dying, the church was kept going on life support for years. And what if we weren’t so negative about it? Maybe the church could have died a much more honorable death, years earlier, rather than hobbling and falling into the grave? And maybe the church, in its earlier more honorable death, could have been more of a blessing to the Kingdom. Perhaps it could have passed on its building to a newly established church, or contribute its bank account to a new church plant?

I mean, I’m not proposing we have a Jack Kevorkian-like church consultant who comes in as “Dr. Death” and helps the church come to an end but… Oh, who am I kidding, that’s exactly what I’m proposing. But, seriously, wouldn’t it be better? Wouldn’t it?